Monday, 8 February 2016

Fun walk at Alberts Farm

We did a fun walk with the Voortrekkers at Alberts Farm on Saturday afternoon. We did a 3.5 km round-trip trail and picked up some rubbish along the way. The children loved it, and everybody got a bit of exercise.

There are some dodgy corners and smells, and I would not recommend going on your own. But it is still a lovely area of grassland in the middle of the city!
Apparently there is also a Parkrun on a Saturday.

Johannesburg's only artesian spring


  1. It is so sad that all these wonderful walks can now only be done in big groups...we do live in a beautiful country.

  2. I drive througbt this area but have never been to Alberts Farm. Also heard about some dodgy incidents there recently. That said, it looks like a lovely spot for walks in large groups.


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