Friday, 26 February 2016

Feeling nostalgic on my Eldest's first day at a real job

She got a job! She's not The Student only, any more! She has a job in the Corporate World and we are very proud!

I had to drop her off today at her workplace. This is a new beginning! 

I am feeling a bit nostalgic today! It is like a first day at school, high school or university. It is a new phase in her life, but also ours! (There's a few tears here! But that's just me!)

This is where we want our children to be! Independent adults who have their own careers!

"We" made it!
"We" successfully helped her to become her own!
think we do have "license" to say that we have a part in it!

We are very proud of you, my Girl!

My words of wisdom today: Don't be a wise-ass, but listen to what they are going to teach you! (I cringe when I think back to my own first job, and how smart I thought I was! I was a real pain in the bud...)

Take all the experience you can get!

Photo: Junior SEO Copywriter walking away to her first job!


  1. Well done to her, and you - because we all know that yes, of course you had a huge hand in it all. I hope she loved her first day

  2. Wow i am so glad she gota job! Wonderful news!i think i was also a bit full of myself in my first job.

  3. How wonderful!! Congratulations. Hope it is all she wished for and more

  4. You have done it Karen...congratulations to you and to her.


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