Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The post about the traffic and how to survive it

In February each year we notice a drastic change in our traffic! Maybe it's the universities that are starting with classes, or everybody is back from their holidays? Who knows? But we have to get up earlier to get away earlier!

I spent roughly two to two and half hours each day in traffic. Some days it really gets to me, as I am of the opinion that it impacts on my quality of life!
Maybe it is just a perspective that I should change? (I need to put "perspective change" on the list!)

I am surprised at how bad our manners are in traffic. We all get to deal with examples each day.
Last week I was speechless. I was in a parking mall, and spotted an opening. There were two open parking areas in front of each other. The lady from the other side went in first, and I thought I would give her time to park before I went in from my side. She saw me! She drove through to my side, did not look at me, and walked away! I did hoot and I did shake my hands, but I was only giving myself the "lecture"! (*Speechless!*)

I came to the realization that although I hate the traffic, I have made it better for myself by changing small things. These are the things that I do that keeps me sane!

How to survive the traffic in Gauteng

- Change your perspective about looking at the Traffic as "Bad"! (This needs a bit of mental work from myself!)

- Listen to the radio, a podcast or an audio book.
I personally love the radio, as I get updates on the news, love the music and listen to radio that makes me laugh! I switch constantly between 3 radio stations, at least!

- The Waze app helps to notify of hazards and heavy traffic and it knows of all the side roads to take. How did I do it before this little magician?

- Do not get upset with the taxis. I even give them space when they are near! They have to stop and cut in because they have people to upload and off-load! The other day we also heard on 94.7 that the taxi drivers get a low basic salary, and they have to meet quotas each day! That's why they are speeding, overtaking and ignoring traffic rules! (Not that it should be a reason to ignore traffic rules!)
I noticed that most people don't hoot at them anymore. It's part of South African life!
It really helps to calm the commute when we give them "space"!

- A Drink. I have found Rooibos tea to be very beneficial, but coffee or a smoothie also makes a difference!

- Discussions with passengers. I love talking to my passenger in the afternoon! That's where I learn about her day and also pick up great anecdotes from her perspective. I see it as a great way to connect!

Do you have more coping tips for handling the traffic?

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  1. This week has been bad for me but I don't ever sit for more than 30 minutes so I really can't complain. I generally try remain calm and focus on other things!

  2. I really feel for you. Here in PE rush hour isn't even an hour...and I love that about PE...and the beach of course.

  3. I like that you wrote a post on this and put a positive spin on it. I agree about radio although I am getting tired of 947 I need something else. Nicky eats his breakfast in the car so I know he will have lots of time to eat. I have a table for him.


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