Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Coding is an essential skill for children #CodeSpaceSA

I was invited to a basic coding class last Friday. The invite stated "to become a creator of technology!" It did not take much to convince me! ;-)

I got to experience CodeSpace, a creative and collaborative design by Think Ahead to teach children the basic of computer programming and computational thinking. (How I wish I was a child again!)

Coding and computational skills have become essentials skills in the workplace already. I have seen it in my job as librarian and archivist, and most other jobs today require the same knowledge. It is not anymore about the three R's (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)! Now it is about Leadership, Digital Literacy, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Global Citizenship, Problem Solving and Team-working. (It bothers me to think how outdated our school curriculum is with regards these skills!)
Michelle Lissoos of Think Ahead
We were taught some basics on Hopscotch, and iPad app that is available for free from the AppStore. I don't think I am a coding genius, or that it lies in my future, but is a lot of fun! My coding did not amount to much, but I can see that a few bright kids who come together, can do almost anything with this!

We even got certificates!
Certificate of participation...

Coding Genius? Not! ;-)
Keep a look-out for the CodeSpace sessions run by Think Ahead. It was initially only run as holiday programmes for learners from grade 5 - 7.  It will now also include run a 10-week course as an extra-mural activity, as well as CodeSpace for Girls!

Coding Geniuses

I would really like to sign up Little Miss as soon as she is old enough!

In the meantime there is the coding apps, which the little ones are able to understand with a little bit of help!
Hopscotch, Tickle and Sphero are all included in the CodeSpace courses.

For further information, please contact Michelle Lissoos at Think Ahead: michelle.lissoos@thinkahead.co.za

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