Monday, 29 February 2016

Homemaker's Expo - Snapchat shares

We visited the Homemaker's Expo at the TicketPro Dome yesterday. I had won two tickets from SA Mom Blogs, and Little Miss could go in for free! (Win!)

I shared some of our experiences on Snapchat.

We had a good time, and lots of inspiration! (So sad about the empty wallets!)

Of course we had to check out all the coffee machines!

"Experience passion for a life less ordinary." -Siemens coffee quote

Maybe this emoji does not reflect that I really really
want this machine as well?
How rad is this spiral vegetable slicer? Marked for future reference!

Little Miss collected balloons
and walked around hitting people on the heads with it! 

Of course you have to get doughnuts at an Expo!

My choice for #947Boxes vote! Would love this!

Totally gets a thumbs up!

Want it!

View from the top!
We made up almost all of our steps at the Expo, and I was finished at the end! We only saw the children's entertainment towards the end (it was upstairs), and we redirected Little Miss' attention! (Bad parenting! NOT! She had a good time!)


  1. I don't know if it is my phobia of all things shops or what...but we never ever go to Expos.


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