Friday, 19 February 2016

Escape from the daily commute with The Sorcery Code #scorcerycode

The Scorcery Code, by Dima Zales
I love reading books, but I really struggle to finish a book. I only get to turn four or five pages a night, which takes me ages to finish a book! (I am really impressed with some of you who gets to read more!)

I think I have found a way! I turned on my Kindle's text-to-audio, and listened to it on my daily commute. It did not even take me a whole week to listen through the book, and I was in a much better mood arriving at work each day. Especially with the horrendous traffic that we have had to deal with since February.

Disclaimer: I found this book through a Tomoson promotion on my email, and could upload it for free through Amazon.

The Scorcery Code on Amazon
I was in a mood for a bit of escapism and this totally ticks all the "magic" boxes! (sic)

Who doesn't love a handsome hero who is a sorcerer as well, and who comes up with the best magic from The Spell Realm? It does not take long to be immersed in this totally different world with spell realms where a magical object appears in the human form of  beautiful Gala. The rest is fantasy, but the emotions and human conditions are real! I loved being transported to a different world, where the characters are introduced through the first person. It makes the reading experience intimate and believable!

I can't wait for the rest of the books in the series!

It is worth the audio commute read!

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