Thursday, 28 January 2016

Children and their best friends, their pets - dealing with loss

Chase the Ball, By Kyle Logan

This is a Kickstarter project, but a really worthy project!

We have to help our children deal with the loss of their best friends, their pets! I do believe you can't shield your children from the loss, because they need to learn to deal with one of life's heartaches that we can't avoid! Most of the time we don't know how to do it. Little Miss got really upset when her silkworm moth died. I think we will have to keep our dogs alive forever (sic), because I can't imagine...

This project is the creation of a 6-minute movie which addresses the issue of losing a loved one, Chase the dog.
"Chase the Ball is a touching story about best friends; a tennis ball and his dog named Chase. Told from the tennis ball's perspective during the final day of Chase’s life, the tennis ball reminisces about their time together. Through these memories, we witness the formation of a life long bond not even death can break." 
Art by Juhmelly Calrson
To back this Kickstarter project, go here: Chase the Ball

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  1. It is always difficult to teach a child about death...Stefan's budgie somehow got out of his cage and landed in the pool and drowned...Bianca just silently made it disappear before Stefan could see it.


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