Tuesday, 26 January 2016

It was a good weekend

It was a very uneventful weekend! Also NOT!

While telling Little Miss of all the things she must remember about the weekend for her weekly feedback in class, I realize that it was actually a very good weekend!

We started off the weekend with an unexpected date night! Little Miss was asked to a sleepover, and we suddenly had a night to ourselves. We had tapas at one of our favorite restaurants, Tei Avon in Victory Park. 

Little Miss really enjoyed her sleepover and it seems there were no melt-downs or problems. 

Little Miss also had her first Voortrekkers meeting of the year on Saturday which consisted of lots of water sport activities! 
Although it was a cloudy day, it was still very hot and perfect for a day of outdoor fun!

Little Miss took a long afternoon nap, and Hubby and I could catch up with a little bit of movie binge-watching on Saturday afternoon. 

We were able to braai (barbecue) on Saturday evening and enjoyed sitting outside for long before it started to rain later on. 

Little Miss entertained us with card tricks for the weekend. She picked up some pointers at the BFF. 

We also took the very excited dogs for a walk on Sunday after church. 

Little Miss told us that she was separated from her friend in Sunday School because they sang too loud. They were instructed to sang at their utmost, and when they did they were moved away from each other! We had a good giggle about it, thinking about Little Miss being in trouble for singing? 

And for the rest of the weekend we had creations like this going up everywhere in our house!  ?? 
But it kept her occupied!

This is what great weekends are made of. Lots of family time and rest!

I hope you had a great weekend too?

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  1. A weekend of time spent with family and relaxing will always be my favourite time.


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