Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Student - THIS is the FINAL year!

We still have a student in the home! The Student needs to complete that final subject for her Business diploma in the first part of the year.

I had to answer the following question this holiday: When do you stop supporting your child?
I suppose it stops when they are able to support themselves?
Or are you strict, and have a cut-off date?

The plan was that she stayed in Potchefstroom to complete the studies, but she was unable to secure a student job. The direct call center job did not pan out in December as we had hoped for.

We are back to the draw-board here in Johannesburg.
She is searching for student jobs, and internships and starting jobs in Communication.
It seems she will be able to start working full-time, because she can attend classes for the outstanding subject on Saturdays.

If anyone of you know about jobs in Communication, PR, HR and Media in Johannesburg, please give us a shout? (She has completed her BA Communications degree in 2014)


  1. Hope she will get lucky like me!

  2. SABC?
    How she finds that perfect position soon.

  3. Ek hoop dat sy sommer gou die perfekte posisie sal kry. Ek glo dat ons hulle onderhou totdat hulle hulself kan onderhou. Ek betaal nog steeds somige maande Stefan se kleuterskool fooie...dit bly maar ons kinders xx


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