Monday, 18 January 2016

Another year of gymnastics! Yes!

A few years back Little Miss was not impressed with gymnastics and gave us a hard time going each week. We told her to stick with it until the end of the year. The next year we went back, and she has been enjoying it ever since. Each year I ask her if she wants to continue, and it's always a Yes!

I am so glad we prolonged it, and did not stop with it immediately! (We have a rule that you have to do an activity for at least a year!)

It is such good exercise for the little body, and she is constantly doing head stands, hand stands and cart wheels at home and at school!
2015 end-of-year gymnastic championships

Her classes are on a Saturday, and it's been messing with our Saturdays for 5 years now! But we will be doing it while she still wants to do it!

Tammy Smith is still doing the Tiny Tumbles at Roosevelt Park Recreation Centre.
She starts the little ones from one years of age, and she has expanding her teaching now to older kids as well!
I can really recommend her!

Facebook: Tiny Tumbles

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(I was not asked or paid to say this! ;-))  


  1. Always wanted to do gymnastics as a kid. I think when my daughter is old enough we might give it a go.

  2. Gymnastics is not only good exercise it also teaches amazing discipline. She is good at it too ♥

  3. It's truly such a great sport - teaching way more than just the body


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