Friday, 22 January 2016

Waze - an app that I use daily!

I am lost without a GPS or Sat-Nav navigation system in my car.

I used to get lost so many times in the dark old days (only yesterday) when there were only maps, and I struggled my arse off to read the maps. When I went around a wrong corner, I did not know my front from my back...

That's why I love the Waze app on my phone. I use it daily on my commute. The app learns your normal route, and starts warning if there's an issue. I love the fact that the community can contribute and we know where there are issues, such as accidents, road block, hazards, etc. As soon as Waze starts to redirect me from my normal route, I have learnt to listen!

It is very easy to report an issue. You can also thank other Wazers who have reported an issue.

The voice can be changed and I have been getting directions from C-3PO (the Star Wars robot)  in December, to the Colonel Sanders and a British Boy Band. Little Miss and I have favourite voices - the Safe Mode Kids who tells mommies and daddies to drive safe, and sometimes pitch in at a turn with "Number one, like my Mom!"

The app is free and downloadable in the App Store, Google Play store and from the Windows Phone store.
It chows battery.
It also uses data, but I have not found it to be excessive!

I can recommend it to all who does the daily rat-race traffic in cities worldwide!

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Disclaimer! I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this review!
                  I LOVE this app!!

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