Friday, 1 January 2016

We nearly started the New Year with a third dog

We waited and celebrated the New Year in Pretoria. We were visiting friends, and stayed overnight as to not be on the roads.

We had a great New Year's Eve!

But we did worry about leaving our two dogs alone, especially since the black dog is highly strung and people are still doing fireworks...
(How stupid and irresponsible as our social media streams are filled with lost and injured dogs today!)

We got a Whatsapp notification this morning from a concerned neighbour about a black dog running around near our complex. From the picture it looked exactly like our dog. Luckily we could ask the neighbours to catch her. Little Miss freaked out and wanted us to go home immediately!

Our friendly complex neighbours caught the black dog, and put it "back" in our yard.
It is only when we got the picture and message about "three" dogs that we realized it is not our dog!

The one being sniffed on the photo is the one that was running around. Luckily she was taken to the vet and she has a micro-chip!

It all turned out well!

Thanks to concerned neighbours, and thanks to a dog that is micro-chipped!

Photo by the complex neighbour!

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  1. oh my word! I don't think I would want any extra dogs!


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