Friday, 23 October 2015

Apple in Education Awards 2015 - mind-blown!

The yearly Apple in Education Awards was announced on Tuesday night!
As always I walked away with a an inspired feeling of FOMO! I am definitely missing out!
I wish I was in education right now!
I wish I was a student again!

The possibilities! The creativity!

This year there were again entries from Grade R to Grade 12.
70 schools from 9 provinces participated.
1156 projects were received which were judged by local and international judges.

Here is one of the winning entries:
Exploring the Sciences in Everyday Life - Thomas Granig from The Ridge School
"Gravity and beyond"

You can check out the rest of the winners here: Apple in Education competition 2015.

Christine Greig from Parklands College won in the iPhoneography part of the competition with her "Selfiest Self" portrait! Stunning!

Judge Bernard Viljoen (from "I was shot in Joburg") with Christine Greig

Lindsay Durell from Parklands College won the iTeacher award, and it was not difficult to guess, because she was on stage with many of her students!

Lindsay Durell

The following are links to the rest of the entries. If you have time, it is worth looking at all of these! And wondering How The *Genius they did it!

Expression Through The Arts: Gabriella Fedetto from St Stithian's College: Lovely

Bring to Life Your Favourite Historical/Literary Figure: Matthew Thompson from St Andrews: Winston Churchill

- Shape of my world: Luca Genovese from The Ridge School: The Shape of My World

iTunes U in the Classroom: Brett Udal from Hilton College

Well done to all the winners and the teachers who make this happen! You are stars!!

Which one of the projects are the most mind-blown to you?


  1. I watched that Winston Churchill one and it was good!

  2. Thanks Karen and for the link to my Twitter profile. Absolutely honoured to be iTeacher 2015 and happy to share my iBook submission if anyone would like to see it :)

    1. Please share your iBook, Lindsay. We would love to see it! A link would be great.


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