Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Being a second Bestie!

I have been talking to Little Miss about us loving her unconditionally! That there is nothing that she could do that would make us stop loving her!

She has been enjoying it quite a bit, because each time she comes up with other scenarios. And we've even covered "murder". I told her that I would be very disappointed, and that I would probably scold her, but that I would never stop loving her! And that I would come to visit her in prison...

These discussions were sparked by blog posts I read from The Leaky Boob clan whose eldest daughters were sexually abused. The perpetrator told them that they were bad and that their mom and dad would not love them any more if they knew the truth! 

I would want Little Miss to always come to us with her problems!

Little Miss also told me that she loves us no matter what. Even if somebody told her not to loves us any more. But Dad is her first Bestie and I am her second Bestie! (Even though he is the strict parent, she says!)

Thanks for that, Little Miss! 


  1. Awh cute! She is at the age where dad is still no 1. I love the discussions

  2. I know you guys have a strong bond so she will be able to come to you with her problems.

  3. It is wonderful that you will always have her trust and that she will be able to share anything with you.


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