Monday, 26 October 2015

Walking for a purpose - iThemba Walkathon

We took part in the yearly iThemba Walkathon yesterday. We first started when we became aware that nobody is exempt from breast cancer, not even an eighteen year old! It has been a yearly fun day for the family. Unfortunately The Student could not join us yesterday, although she was home (because of the lock-downs at universities), but she still has the rubber arm.

Little Miss did very well, and walked most of the way. She had to be bribed with an ice-cream, and "it's just around the corner", but she made it! (I think we struggled more, being as unfit as we are...) But we finished the 8 kilometres!

It took nearly twenty minutes to get past the starting line yesterday morning at eight. It's not strange if you know that there are 25 000 people taking part. But it was NOT fun stuck in that crowd not being able to move for quite a while!

Of course our beautiful city saved the day with it's skyline, it's purple streets and the friendly people!

That was the final walk for the MomAgain@40 clan!
I am glad that iThemba Walkathon gets so much participation, but it seems that the services and structures are struggling with the high numbers!

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Did we miss seeing you there?


  1. Impressed with your dedication! And I love the pink bandana too.

  2. Yes!! We also did the 8km. Would have been great to see you. But the crowd was maddening. More so we had a stroller for the almost 2 year old but it was fun. Except I didn't like that some of the stations had run out of refreshments and some only had Coke when all I wanted was water. Lesson learnt always bring your own water. All in all it was a great day out and we had so much fun walking for a purpose

    1. Yes, that was also an issue for us that the water stations had run out of water!

  3. Wow, well done! I can't imagine my little missy walking 8km!


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