Friday, 16 October 2015

Stuart Taylor with Bespoke the perfect antidote

@TheStuartTaylor with #Bespoke at Montecasino Theatre Studio 

I always love a comedy! The best way for me to unwind and relax is through comedy. That's why I was so pleased when the fabulous Wenchy invited me to Stuart Taylor's show Bespoke at Montecasino last night!

It was a real hoot! There are no holy cows left after the show, but as Stuart Taylor says: The Theatre is the safe space! I can't repeat what's been said over here! For it would not go down as well as he can say it!
But it's good! Staurt Taylor makes us laugh at ourselves as South Africans and at our idiosyncrasies and pervasive racism! I also love the parenting anecdotes!

The show only runs until 1 November, and The Montecasino Studio Theatre is not a big space. Book at your earliest!!

I had to capture the outgoing quote, because that is what "Bespoke" is all about:
"You can put any label on that shit, as long as you are happy with who you are!"

YOU define YOU!

Thanks Stuart Taylor for making us laugh at ourselves, and thanks Wenchy for the invite!


  1. I enjoy comedy too, sounds like you had a good time!

  2. I love comedy long as there isn't too many expletives.

    1. Oops! Not sure, Lynette? There are a lot of expletives, but it works! 😃


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