Friday, 2 October 2015

Ronald McDonald House as part of the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital! - Brilliant!

Chairman of RMHC South Africa, Reggie Skhosana and Deputy Chairperson of Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, Nana Magomola conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate the site handover of the Ronald McDonald House to be built at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

On 30 September the first Ronald McDonald House was launched at Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital. The Ronald McDonald House will provide a home-away-from-home for families of children receiving lifesaving treatment at Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital. The building of the House in Parktown will be completed with the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital in December 2016.

As a parent who just went through an ordeal with our eldest daughter who was in an accident, I am even more supportive of such a venture! We had to sit and wait for a whole day at the hospital for our daughter to  go for an operation, and afterwards we had to wait to hear about the success of the operation. We also wanted to talk to her before leaving the hospital that Friday night! Because she stays an hour and half away, we could not drive back and forth. Luckily we could organize to stay at a friend of The Student's place. That was a lifesaver! And it helped to visit her the next morning very early and to see that she was okay.

We only had a weekend of hell, but what about families who have to stay and wait for days and weeks?

I can only imagine how much appreciative parents of sick little patients would be if there was a facility nearby where they could recover and relax while waiting for their children to receive their important treatments!

I had a question about the payment expected from families. The answer: "The families will stay at the house for free to take care of their children who have been admitted to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital to treat severe illnesses. The understanding is that it will be by referral from the doctors and surgeons."
This is great news!!

To donate towards the building of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, SMS “GIFT” to 40301
SMS cost R20. (Terms, condition and administrative costs apply.)

Alternatively, visit for more details of how to donate.

PS I was invited to the launch on Wednesday, but unfortunately had to work!

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