Thursday, 1 October 2015

She got the sling! It turns out you really need your left arm!

The Student gave us a big fright with the accident two weeks ago!
She was discharged after two days in hospital and recuperated for a week at home.

She is back at university since Sunday, and coping very nicely with one arm.

She has made the following adjustments:

- Buying most of her food. It is very difficult to prepare food and wash dishes afterwards.
- We bought dry shampoo to make her hair last a bit longer.
- We bought pants that she can pull on, without zips and belts.
- We could not find a cover for the arm. She is using a plastic bag with an elastic.
- Friends have to help with washing her clothes.
- She has to ask for help from other students.
- She had to cancel her holiday work that's coming up.
- She has to use a mouse with her laptop since it is very difficult cutting and pasting and adding punctuation.
- She is seeing a campus counselor about the nightmares she gets after the accident! She is very jumpy in the traffic!
-She cannot ride on her newly bought bicycle just yet!

That left arm is sorely missed, but she copes!
I am proud that she takes it in her stride!

What would you miss doing if you were left with only one arm?


  1. So happy to hear that she is adjusting. Sometimes it is good to ask for help. She is strong like her mama, she will be okay.

  2. Shame man! Of course you need both arms but on the positive side it's not forever. I hope she does get over the trauma and I'm glad she's seeing someone about that.

  3. Managed with just my left arm for 6 weeks last year after the shoulder operation. It's hectic - you can not even butter a slice of bread. What I missed most was independene


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