Wednesday, 28 October 2015

One more mouth to feed: a silk worm

Little Miss came home with two silk worms two weeks back. (Aaarghhh!)

As I don't like living things to suffer, we have been picking mulberry leaves in the street.

And guess who make sure that the worm (One died on my watch! I don't know why?) gets fed morning and night! Me! Not Little Miss!

Now I'm in constant lookout for mulberry leaves... I got some of the leaves near the school, but the owners had the branches cut off! I wish I could buy the leaves somewhere?

Another worm mouth to feed!

How long before it changes to a cocoon?


  1. I had the same scenario recently. My son piped up - let's google alternative leave it can eat! It honestly made me thing of the resources we have available nowadays.

    P.S. Beetroot / Cabbage / Lettuce leaves xx

  2. We have no silk worms for the first year in a long time. Yeah!

  3. I have banned these creepy crawlies! We have killed too many of the poor things!

    1. The eldest had her fair share of silk worms, and I feel the youngest must also get the "experience"!😉

  4. grandies just love those little worms...not so much their parents :-P


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