Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Would you tell the mom if their kid steals?

The hockey season has just started at school, and Little Miss had her first official hockey lesson yesterday. We had to go and buy the mouth guard as well, as they are not allowed to play if they don't have one.

When I went to fetch her yesterday, she told me that her mouth guard was missing when she had to get dressed for her hockey practice. She saw that a friend of hers was running around with one that looks exactly the same as hers. She told her different stories about where she got it from. Since she don't have hockey, it is strange that she had the same one yesterday.

I asked the friend about where she got it. She first told me it was from Pick 'n Pay. I then asked if I could phone her mother. She then said now she got it from her father. (They are divorced) I then said could I phone the father. She then changed the story that it comes from her aunt (or lady that is married to the father). I had to leave it at that...

I went and bought another mouth guard as it is already ruined. It is one of those mouth guards you have to heat up and fit exactly to the teeth.

My question is: Do I phone the mother to tell her about a potential issue? It seems the girl is already using the divorce to scapegoat between the two parents. I am sure she told the mother she got it from the father.
Or do I just leave it? (If I am the parent, I would like to know.)


  1. The teacher should address the stolen item and ask the class mates.

    1. I did contact the Hockey Teacher today to inform her and asked that she speak to the children.

  2. I would contact the mother. She would know that her child doesn't own a mouth guard. Stealing can begin small but its always grows. The mother would rather hear it now than be contacted by a supermarket later when she starts shoplifting.

  3. This post speaks to me so much as we recently battled with a similar predicament. Hubby and I chose to tell the mother, unfortunately at the expense of a very close relationship. I believe that if this kind of behavior is not nipped in the bud early and underlying issues addressed, it could spiral out of control.


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