Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Girl politics and how to teach them not be bullies!

Girl politics are a nightmare!

This is a second time I am going through the highs and lows of friendships with a little girl.
There are more politics in these friendships than the politics of South Africa! (What it sometimes feels like!) To Little Miss of course, but also to us while we have to listen to all the sad stories each day! I'm sure it is more complex and exhausting than the stuff we hear on the news every day.

I hear about the best friend who do not want to play with her! And then sometimes only at certain times. Then Little Miss is all alone during recess at school, and she doesn't have any friends. Then another girl wants to play with Little Miss, but Little Miss does not want to play with her...

The politics are all about including and excluding!
They are all reverting to this bully behaviour! Little Miss included!

We do not see a lonely girl when we fetch her at school. She is always busy playing with someone! The Teacher has also thrown an eye, and she also doesn't see the "outcast" as she complains she is!

We had a Parent evening last week, and I discussed the friends' issue with the Teacher. Little Miss was there. The Teacher suggested that she plays with a little girl in the class who also complains about being alone. The response was: "But I don't like her! I don't want to play with her!"
(Me: *Throws hands in air with eyes rolling!*)

That made me realise that we have work to do with Little Miss.
We have to teach and preach her to be a good friend. She cannot continue telling girls that she does not want to play with them. If she does not follow this rule, she can't expect other girls to play with her!

I remember that I used to make bed time prayers with the eldest about trying to be a good friend every day! In the end it did pay off!

I hope it works again!
(Because no two girls are the same!)

How are you handling the girl politics?

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  1. Oh heavens! Girl politics are insane. Boys never have this nonsense. I am lucky that A has a solid group of friends and that the rest does not seem to bother her too much. A helpful tip from her grade 1 teacher is that they do not make friends in their classes that last - friendships that last are build around shared interests and extra mural activities

    1. Thanks, that's a good reminder to keep in mind!

  2. I remember this. Being a grade one teacher and all the stories at the end of break. It was exhausting! Long complicated stories. Now I'm glad I've got a boy but I'm sure he will have his own challenges.

  3. This brought back so many memories. I had the two boys and then 10 years later came B and when she started school the problems started. She handled it a tad differently than you are experiencing it. When the "poppies" (her name for the popular girls) started with the bullying she withdrew and started playing with the boys instead. In later years in high school she had a heart for the shunned girls and they became her friends.


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