Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The legacy I want my daughters to make their own #BeautyLegacy

The most recent Dove Beauty Legacy campaign made me think again about the legacy I want my daughters to have! Now, at this very moment!

I want them to know they are beautiful!

When you are young, you are always looking at the flaws and the shortcomings in the mirror.
You are always  trying to get thinner and fitter and working off the big bum.
Always feeling that you are not the optimal version of the version you think you should be!

Now I know how much time I have spend on these time-wasting thoughts and activities.
I like myself so much more now that I am older. When I think about my younger self I know that I was beautiful already, and I should have spend my time on LIVING!
I am definitely not a more beautiful version of my younger self, but I am happy with who I am now!
I like my big bum because I can SIT on it!  (Thank you Wise Age!)

[For health reasons I need to get rid of a few kilograms, but it won't stop me from fretting about how I look and have an impact on what I am doing!]

I look at all the young girls that is the same age of my two daughters.
They are all beautiful!

I want them to know that, and I want them to live that!
To have the confidence to march out with gusto into Life and know that they are beautiful at that very moment in time!

In the spirit of Women's Day and Month in South Africa!

To my two daughters:
You are strong!
You are beautiful!
You can do whatever you set your mind out to do!
You are the best version of yourself right now!

Do not wait for a photograph years later to say to yourself that you were beautiful all long!
Don't let anybody else tell you something different! Because it will not be true!

I am telling you the truth now!
You are beautiful!

Disclaimer: I got the Dove "BeautyLegacy drop.
                  Follow the #BeautyLegacy hashtag to watch the beautiful video and message that goes with it!


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    1. Me too! It is a good reminder to all mothers of daughters!

  2. I totally agree...our daughters and granddaughters must love who they are...if they aren't happy in themselves they will never be happy.


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