Tuesday, 18 August 2015

iSchool giving Young SA a Voice to speak out against gender based violence #endGBV

iSchool partnering with UNICEF 

The iSchool Press Team is an ongoing programme that aims to give YOUNG SA A VOICE.
The iSchool Press Team train, mentor and support media clubs in schools across South Africa - with approximately 200 active young teen journalists.   The youth gets a platform to share their opinions on issues close to their heart.

iSchool Press Team partnered with UNICEF on an inspiring campaign to have the youth of South Africa speak out to end violence against children.

Students are challenged to create a two minute video on one (or all) of the following topics:
(The winner in each topic will win an iPad Mini 16GB.)

 -  I can change gender based violence by…
-  This is my story and why I want to tell it
 -  Let’s speak out against gender based violence
                                                        - Campaign info

Each school will receive information packs, resources and support throughout the campaign to create powerful, impactful videos.  Teams will also be invited to a workshop hosted by award winning director, Ingrid Martens (Africa Shafted: Under one roof).

One of the videos submitted

Website: iSchool Press Team & UNICEF
Facebook: iSchoolAfrica
Twitter: iSPT

Check out the hashtag #endGBV to see more of the submissions.
The call to action videos are also available here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOaB2BuWhQ7xwT2nmkrklhSk18nyONwuR

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  1. My sister started a website to support the victims of bullies. If you are interested in the link let me know.


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