Thursday, 27 August 2015

The yin and the yang of a Thursday

Today is Thursday!

Not yet Friday, the most glorious day of the week!

Today started out with a glorious sun!

But it was cloudy...

It was very pleasant inside our air-conditioned offices

But it was extremely hot while running in the afternoon sun back to my car when I discovered my phone was not with me...

I found my phone still on my desk back at work! (Thank you!!!)

I should do backups more often... (Then I would have been worried a little bit less!)

I like my phone and everything I do with my phone

I am too dependent on my phone!

I was really looking forward to a seminar at the University of Johannesburg!

I missed it because of the phone...

I posted a yin and yang post on my blog!

I was not in the mood to post any of the pressing issues in my email...

The Student is coming home for the weekend today!

I worry about her getting back here in the traffic...

It's pay day!

I have paid most of my obligations already! (All gone!)

We can do a pay day eat out tonight!

We can't go overboard as September is also a very long month with lots of birthdays...

What is the yin and yang about your day today?


  1. Ah sorry about your phone! But at least you could have a nice meal out. I am also too dependent on my phone.

  2. What did we do in the days before cell phones...Today we cannot function without them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx


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