Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A weekend in the Northern Free State #thingsyoudoforyourchildren

The things you do for your children...

We went "camping" with the Voortrekkers (something similar than girl scouts/boy scouts) at Doornkloof in the Northern Free State.

It was cold and dusty, without cellphone reception!

Little Miss loved it!
And that's all that counts!

Little Miss had a seat in the upper deck of the bus,
which was a real treat going there!

Our "Chalet" for the weekend
(It was much better than a tent, thank our lucky stars!)
Doornkloof is a place of history!
Grave of Sarel Cilliers, whose farm this was

One of the sessions with the Grade 1 Voortrekkers
First Aid lessons - not a real wound
The Grade 1 girls ready  for a night of discovery on the farm
A ride on a tractor
Exploring the indigenous people's housing
Such a beautiful place, even with the dry winter landscape.


  1. Yup...the things we do for our children...I love the chalet.(cough, cough...rondavel)

  2. Heavens - Doornkloof in winter. You are much braver than I am


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