Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A time of the year...

When the streets are beckoning...
When the malls are beckoning...
When the paths in the woods needs to be explored...

When the mountains are calling...

What are you still doing at the office?


  1. I like the last pictures of the mountains...I wonder where was that taken (curious to know) it looks too beautiful..

  2. Mauruscka, it was taken in 2008 on one of our last hiking trips up the Drakensberg mountains - going in from Monk's Cowl and sleeping near Blindman's Corner... *sigh*

  3. Intresting...hiking is always fun up a mountain and the drakensberge is beautiful. love it:)

  4. OMG! It looks so heavenly, the outdoors. Outhere it's winter, we even had some snow last weekend, grr.


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