Thursday, 1 December 2011

Musings on a blogging workshop

I attended Tanya Kovarsky's of Dear Max's blogging workshop last Friday.

It was at the lovely Manna Cafe at Montecasino Boulevard, with stunning cappuccinos and a lovely play area for the little ones... Definitely going back there!

Because I sometimes feel like a lone ranger with regards blogging, and not always knowing if I am doing the it correctly, it was great to hear that we bloggers have very similar issues.

Some insights I got from Friday's workshop:

- The platform you are blogging on does make a difference. Choose wisely before you start! It is much easier to be in the right place, than having to change later on...

Bloggers are nice people. Online and offline! They are always willing to share their insights!

- What works for one blogger does not always work for another blogger. But it is all perfect in Blogoland! We make the rules as we go along. The rules that suits us!

- Authenticity is very important! Stay true to yourself!

- Blogging gives enjoyment, community and satisfaction.

- Bloggers know more about blogging than we think we do! Trust the blogging journey for teaching us as we go along!

Thanks Tanya. You can do it!

Check out the other bloggers, some who only started now to blog:

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What have you picked up on your blogging journey?

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