Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hubby's BDay

Elise du Toit Photography
Hubby is celebrating his last year of 30s. Happy, happy birthday my dear husband!

I like  to point out that that he is still in his 30's! (While I have done the "cross-over" a couple of years back ;-) )
It gives me lots of bonus points!

A friend said today that I am very lucky to be be here!
Yes, I am! But I have made the choice to be here, and I did not stay in something that was bad!

I have met a soul mate and friend who makes life fun and worthwhile and great to come home to!
Each and every night!

Thank you, Hubby, for being in our lives and for all that you contribute to our family!

You are a great husband and father and cook and handyman and friend and provider and always ready for an adventure!

You are our Hero!
Hope you had a great birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Cuz! No doubt you had an awesome day :-)

    We should make a plan to all get together someday soon,Karen. Many blessings to all of you x


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