Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas lights

Corner of Mopanie & Appelblaar in Randpark Ridge
We found this house of Christmas lights by word of mouth.
We were not the only ones stopping in the street and getting out with the kids...

Amazing that the lights can draw so much attention! It has been our second drive-by already this year!
The first time the Toddler was asleep by the time we got there.

She loved it, and we only got her back in the car when we promised a slow drive-by when leaving!

In South Africa it is not as commonplace to make up you house with lights at Christmas time.

Do you know of an other houses in Johannesburg looking like this?
(Please share the links.)


  1. Weltevreden Park, 10 Suurbessie Street, they have the house with lots of lights and the garage is open and full of all different Father Christmas’s – really lovely. They have an SPCA dog/cat food can collection and the owner stands there all evening. They are open from dark until 9pm ☺

  2. Have you gone to go see the Garden Of Lights at Emperors yet?

    Then, on the corner of Mullins and St Georges, Bedfordview.


    This house has the most beautiful Christmas decor every year, complete with a little nativity scene and everything.

    So if you perhaps go past Emperors, you can make a turn here.

    I want to go see either tonight or tomorrow if they've put up their decor again this year. But if you go to that link, you can see the star on the roof, so its very possible that they doing it again :)

  3. Thanks! Will definitely go and check it out! Karen

  4. What about thier electric bill? Are they using green energy for all those lights? And what about global warming? Am I the only one worried here????? You know, I still want my future kids to see how earth looks like solid, not melted.

  5. Thank you so much for this story. It is so lovely to hear how you and your family enjoy the lights, Our solar panels, and LED lights work very hard at this time of year :) but this is worth it as we bring joy, and help to many charities and individuals that need a little help at this time of year, and i think stories like this really do make us continue every year.

    I trust you and your families have an amazing and safe festive season. if you would like to pop round, this year is our 10 year anniversary and is very special this year.

    Tamryn Paley
    14 Appelblaar Avenue Randpark Ridge

  6. Hi Tamryn It is great hearing from you! Also especially to hear about the good work you are doing. We have seen the lights already this year (2012) as well! Thanks for your efforts and making Christmas special

  7. The things you find whilst searching for beautiful Christmas lights in Johannesburg


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