Monday, 26 December 2011

Xmas in the Bush

We had a bush Xmas this year!

We spend the previous Christmas season at home, and decided to do it differently this year. It does not feel like holiday when staying at home!

Mountain Sanctuary Park is our favourite camping place. No music are allowed! One of our pet peeves when camping... You do not want to listen to other people's music choices, especially when in the bush!
Now all we hear is the sounds from the bush!

*sigh* (Rest!)

The camp sites are big and well spaced! There are numerous hiking trials to rock pools, sliding pools and the Grotto (a cave).

My family and brother visiting from America stayed in a cabin here for the weekend, and we had a perfect lunch yesterday!

Christmas with family and in the bush... It was perfect!

Now for some more rest and reading and lazy afternoon napping... Heaven!!

Hope you are also having a lovely time?

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