Thursday, 8 December 2011

Last last day

Presents for my teachers!
The final day at her day care...

It has been nearly three years that my toddler spend more of her time here during the day than I had to spent at my work-place. (I drop her off an hour before I start at work, and fetch her half an hour or more after work.)

She started here in the baby's section when she was nearly 5 months old, end now she is turning three...

For the most part, she has been very happy here, and I did not have problems leaving her here. She loves her teachers!

I don't think she realises that this is the last time... We tried telling her, but it has not clicked yet!

I am the one sad on her behalf!

She had friends here whom she spend many happy hours playing with...

The end of a chapter, and next year she will go to a "big school"! That's what we are going to call the new pre-primary school that she is going to next year!

I know that we are doing the right thing! There is going to be more structure, with qualified teachers!

An ending...

I don't like goodbyes!


  1. the end of an era. good luck! i think i was also more sad than my toddler was when leaving playschool for the last time. His school broke up last week. Also starting "big school", grade 000, next year

  2. Such a cutie! I hope she adjusts well to the new school!

  3. These things to do tend to affect us more than they do them!

    Good luck for your new adventure!


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