Thursday, 22 December 2011

A 3-year old Princess

Our little girl turned three yesterday! (So freaking crazy lightning speed fast!)

When we ask her how old she is, she still shows us four fingers, but I think it is in tune with her life!
Next year she is going to go to be with four-year old children in a new school...

I am beginning to think that it is not such a bad thing to have a birthday in December. We are on holiday, and there are presents all around!

She gets extra special attention!

The day started with presents...

It was followed by a walk at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.

(We had a dark cloud hanging over the day following a phone call by the MIL to wish her granddaughter a happy birthday.
While she was speaking to me at the Gardens she started to scream! It was followed by silence!
It was extremely scary! With Hubby anxiously trying to phone his dad and mom...

It turns out she was hit over the head and robbed of her cell and hand bag! Back to reality!?
She's got a broken nose, but she will be okay. Scary stuff here!

We can't walk in the streets while talking on a cell...

We can't walk in the street! Period!)

Later on we had a party at one of or favourite places: Papachinos.

With pizza making...

The cake and candles

There was also another casualty on the day.
Friend Kyle broke a small bone in his foot while jumping down... (Boys...?)
Sorry, Kyle! Apparently it is three weeks in a cast!
Photo by his mom, Vicky

Luckily our fairy princess had a lovely time.

You are so cute, my little girl!
I hope I will remember how cute you are right now!

Happy birthday!!

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  1. I agree that it is fun to have a birthday during the festive season (mine is 1 Jan) as everyone is relaxed and happy. Only problem is the looonnggg wait for presents in the year. I'm grateful my mom put most of our presents away after we unwrapped them and them brought them out one at a time during the year. Hope your MIL feels better.

  2. Happy Bday to your princess...I love your new header.

    Ek wil net vir jou en jou familie 'n geseende Christus fees toewens.



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