Friday, 9 December 2011

My toddler hurts me

Dear Auntie

My toddler is nearly three and he is hurting me, almost on a daily basis!

He hurts me real bad. I’ve got bruises to show for it, especially on my arms.

He is a big boy and he pinches me, even in my face!

I have tried everything:

-    Talking to him.
-    Crying in front of him.
-    Ignoring the pinching and trying to focus his attention on something else.
-    Ignoring him.
-    Walking away.
-    Giving him a hiding.
-    Threatening him with no presents from Father Christmas.
-    Pinching him back.

I am not proud of all of it, but nothing seems to work!

I don’t know how to handle the situation anymore!

I try to be there for my child as much as possible. (I have been called a “helicopter” parent).

My son cannot complain about me not being there for him. He also does not allow for me to be too far away from him…

I sense that it has got something to do with insecurities…
Maybe because his father and I are divorced?

Am I a bad parent?

What have I done wrong?

Please help!

What do I do with my toddler who bullies his own mother?

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  1. One of my boys used to kick me in the shins when he was 3.
    I could not understand why.

    I got a very good book called "Raising Boys" as I already had a girl and thought I knew how to parent.

    In my case it turned out he needed play fight (rough and tumble without actual fighting).

    Once I began play fighting with him where he learnt the boundaries (no pinching, kicking, hitting) he stopped kicking me.

    I would recommend the Raising boys book. Boys are a different species to bring up :)



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