Thursday, 20 October 2011

Where's Powerwoman?

The person who has lots of go, and energy, and activism, and health, and believes in so many things...

It feels like I lost my edge. I have lost Powerwoman!

 It must be there somewhere, but how do I switch back on the Powerwoman button?

I know my mojo disappeared with lost sleep, and a crying baby... It still feels like I am reeling after a very traumatic incident! I don’t know how people do it baby after baby? (*Bowing!*)

I did some checking, but it is definitely not burnout. Most of the points mentioned here is not how I feel at the moment. I actually still love my work and my personal life. But I know I need to give more attention to my health!

The burnout checklist:

  • Feel emotionally and physically exhausted all the time.
  • Want to be left alone.
  • Haven't got the energy or interest in the things you used to do.
  • Feel sad for no apparent reason.
  • You are irritable and snap at people.
  • Get into conflicts.
  • Use alcohol and/or drugs to feel better.
  • Work hard but accomplish little.
  • Dissatisfied with work.
  • Feel frustrated with work.
  • Don't have much to look forward to in work.
  • Have trouble sleeping because of worrying about work.
  • Worry about work during off hours.
  • Feelings about work interfere with personal life.

I like the suggestions they have for coping with burnout. That I can definitely incorporate into my life more. Especially the spa experience! (Hint-hint!)

Coping with Burnout (Burnout checklist)

  • If you are in a toxic work environment, you'd better get out of it asap.
  • Take time off - go on vacation, use up your sick days.
  • Decide what you are going to do and act on it.
  • If possible, take early retirement.
  • Make sure you are eating healthy.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Spend some time with people who are positive.
  • Get involved in a cause that is meaningful to you.
  • Make sure you have an outlet for your emotions e.g. a pet.
  • Spend some time each day in quiet meditation.
  • Treat yourself to a spa experience.
  • Plan your time so you are not always in a rush.
  • Learn to laugh. 
Amen to all!

Any more ideas on how to switch back on Powerwoman?


  1. It's a daily choice! Setting your mind..... :-) Choose Poer Woman today!

  2. I have been feeling like that lately...and that after a week holiday. I think a vit B12 injection might just do the trick.


  3. Anon, I hope you intended to write "Powerwoman"? ;-)

  4. 2 words : NEW HAIR!!

    Always , always does the trick for me! Think colour, think cut, think OPPOSITE of what you have now.

    Otherwise get professional eyebrow job. Second choice and less expensive....

  5. Oh we moms just sometimes need a bit of time -out. My sanity day Friday certainly did it for me.


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