Friday, 14 October 2011

The Toddler's favourite things right now

I am copying this idea from Cat at Juggling Act of Life. See her post about her Little man L's favorite things.

DVD: Anything to do with Princesses or Barbie!
Meal: Anything pasta. She will eat it for breakfast.
Fruit: Pears and apples. Sometimes an avocado.
Vegetable: Sometimes a carrot or a pea.
Breakfast: Egg, sometimes with a bit of cheese. Apparently she loves the porridge at day care, but we don't see her touching it at home...
Drink: Nido milk.
Sweets: Jelly babies, but any sweet is good!
Chips/crisps: Cheese curls.
Toy: Dolls and crayons.
Colour: I dress her in lots of pink, and she does not seem to mind!
Friend whose name gets mentioned the most: Lizelle
Most favourite place at home: In her sister's room


  1. Thanks for the shout out and I love seeing this. Love your additions too.

  2. I wish I did these when my kids were little. She is a real girly-girl.


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