Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The baby is sick

Mieka is sick! The fever kept us up all night. Between 12 and 1 last night we were bathing her to get the fever down. At 3 I thought I finally won the battle when I could put her down in her cot. No, not so! It wasn’t long before she was back in our bed. The recollection of a night like this the following day feels like trying to recollect a bad dream. It is all bleary and broken bits of deprived sleep torture.
She got her first course of antibiotics at the doctor and after the first suppository she was a happy baby again. Phew! We are lucky that we don’t have much of these.
Dries and I look like the zombies we feel today!
Photo: At Doppio Zero on Saturday when she turned 11 months. A fav restaurant! She was sleeping on the couch in the restaurant.


  1. I hope Mieka gets well soon. Seems all our babies are getting sick now, must be because of the extreme temperature fluctuations we had recently. Please keep us updated.

  2. Thanx, LK. The doctor also says it's teething that makes their immunity go down.

  3. Shame........ Hope Mieka recover quickly and that you all get lots of sleep. Sterkte!


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