Thursday, 18 December 2014

What does it take to raise a child to adulthood? - Kid Calculator

Kid Calculator
Finally, a calculator to compute the expense of having a child and raising him/her to adulthood!
It's a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun.

It's a calculator based on American living expenses, and also calculates in US dollars, but it is easy to convert.

I did the quick calculation: Our daughter "owes" us: $ 344 400.40 = R 3 977 996.82 (nearly four million South African rand)

Kid Calculator results
The breakdown on the invoice looks like this:

The certificate can be shared on social media, printed or emailed.
Very cute!


  1. I don't even want to do this because I will have to times it by four!

  2. Ha ha ha ha! And this doesn't include the cost of whining over nothing :)


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