Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Dino Expo great for the little little ones

We finally took Little Miss to The Dino Expo at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

"Is this a real dinosaur bone?"
We were not popular last year when there was another dinosaurs exhibition, and we did not buy tickets in time... So we bought the tickets when we saw this advertised.

We thought that there were going to be lots of dinosaurs jumping out from the bushes, but not as much. The adults found it all a bit lame, but judging by the kids and their reaction it was still worth the effort and the prize of the tickets. (Which is a bit steep! R120 Adults, R70 kids. The standard tickets were sold out already??)

There are a couple of recycled metal dinosaurs, which makes for nice photo ops and gives an idea of the height of these things.

The Wits University dinosaur fossils and dinosaurs were included in the educational exhibitions. South Africa’s own dinosaur species such as Iguanadont, Nqwebosaurus and Aardonyx Celeste are also on show. This is very interesting!

The African-themed dinosaur animatronic theatrical show was great for the little ones, especially since it is interactive, and the children loves going to the front of the stage. Even our Little Miss was up in front.

Dancing and calling on the dinosaur

The dinosaur finally made it on stage!

It was a little bit scary
Afterwards Little Miss could do a dinosaur colouring, and dig for some bones. This is for free.

She found a bone, but was sad to give it back
(They gave small dinosaurs afterwards to most of the children who had found something)

You have to pay for these photos 

Painting a dinosaur (also an extra fee, depending on the size)
Jumping castles (free)

The inflatable roller was also a hit, although Little Miss went the whole route saying "Yikes!"

There is a water slide as well, but you have to bring a swimming costume for this.

Also remember to bring extra cash for dino shoes and all sorts of paraphernalia and books.

This is great for the smaller kids!


  1. Sounds like fun. I like the way you indicated what was free and what you had to pay for! Sounds like it all added up!

  2. Looks like fun...but what's with all the extra paying?!

    1. Yes, a bit much. The inflatable roller also costs R20

  3. We went on Monday and I was disappointed. I thought it was very expensive for what was included, and I didn't think the show was as good as it could have been. I had expected something a bit more educational. The girls had fun on the jumping castles, though.

    1. Bit expensive to pay so much for jumping castles? ;-)
      We were also disappointed!


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