Monday, 1 December 2014

Tooth number 3

Tooth number 3 hanging by a thread

Tooth number three kept us busy until half past nine last night.
She did not want anyone touching it, but simultaneously asking us to help her with the tooth...
There was a lot of crying, some screaming, and lots of tissues used trying to pull the teeth by herself!

In the end she trusted her Dad to pull it with a piece of floss!

She is very proud about this gap today!

She was also surprised today that the Tooth Mouse used her own ribbon to tie around the message.

But luckily we did not have the same adventures with the Tooth Mouse than we did with tooth number two. The tooth was put in a slipper next to the bed, and the money and the message were neatly tucked into it this morning!


It was a busy weekend, and Little Miss had her end-of-year gymnastic championships, two parties, and a family gathering that left all of us exhausted. (I will try to put up the blog posts this week!)


  1. Yeah on the tooth! Our C is also not fond of anyone touching his loose teeth - including himself

  2. Yes I think a slipper next to the bed is the way to go!


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