Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A birthday party at the Spur - recommended!

Party girls

Little Miss always has a late December birthday, and usually no one of her school friends are around.

We decided on a whim to invite a few of her school friends to Wild Falcon Spur at Heathway (Blackheath) on Saturday. It's a relative new Spur with a very nice playground, and a very high slide which Little Miss took a while to conquer. (The "beast")

We had a lovely relaxed time with the birthday meals for the kids, and platters for the adults. I only had to make the reservations! My favourite kind of party!
Fairy cake
(Cake from the Home Industry, and Fairy from Disney)

Party girls / "Leopards"

Party girls
The children had a lovely time playing and getting their faces painted.

It was especially lovely to walk away on Saturday afternoon without having to do anything! (Except paying, of course!)

I can highly recommend this if you want to have a stress-free party. You can also bring all your party goodies and cakes if you want to make it extra special!

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We had a very good experience!


  1. We haven't been to that spur yet, looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :-)

  2. I have been and I really like their playground! Nicky wanted me to watch him on the slide though. I think that sounds a lot less stressful party!


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