Monday, 22 December 2014

Happy birthday to the Little Miss - finally a 6!

6 years old!
Finally! A full 6!

This has been a long wait, but it finally happened!

Little Miss has been celebrating since the end of November with a Spur party and she took party packs to school as well just before the end of the school term.

The teacher took these photos of her in class.

Look at the cute party hat that the teacher has made!

She also got her birthday present from us a little earlier. The trampoline has been a constant source of activity and joy!

I asked her last night about her future plans for Grade 1. She promptly answered with another question. Can she wear her hair loose in Grade 1? No!
Well , then she wants braids one day, two ponies the next day, and then again a French braid in her hair the next day...

Happy birthday to my not so little girl any more!

You are a constant source of joy in our midst!
We love you!


  1. Happy birthday to your little lady!
    Wow, that's quite a hat.

  2. Happy Birthday Little Missy! We also have a trampoline and Nicky loves it. Almost every day he is bouncing on it.


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