Friday, 19 December 2014

Accidents happen and we have a Screaming Queen Deluxe!

Casualty visit
We were on our way to the shopping mall, with Hubby carrying a sleepy girl on his shoulder.
He did not see the pole next to the shopping trolleys and it cut into Little Missy's leg.
(Who makes a pole with sharp edges on top?)

So off we went to the nearest Hospital Casualty with a screaming child! I was holding my hand over the wound with a tissue, and Hubby was driving as fast as he could. Little Miss was crying, and screaming, and whimpering and asking every two seconds if we were at the Hospital already!

At Casualty she was also performing every time they came near the wound. They had to calm her with a plaster over the wound and drops, but it did not really work! As soon as she saw a trolley coming near, or a nurse or doctor approaching, it was screams and antics!

In the end they rolled her in a sheet to keep her arms from touching her leg, and Hubby had to hold her while the doctor stitched her up!

She was screaming that she was still feeling everything, and that they were hurting her! Hubby got upset and asked if they were sure that she could not feel anything. But she had the injection, and they assured us that it was not sore any more! She got four stitches and a tetanus shot. The injection in the end was the worst because she did not expect it and it was very sore! But we had to have it done!

While we were walking out of the doors she told us that she could not feel a thing, but that she was afraid and that's why she was screaming so much..

Yes, our girl is a true Screaming Queen Deluxe!
(The same as I remember myself at that age!)
That's why the teeth hang by threads and it gets lost!

Luckily she is all bouncy again today with a story to tell!

Who wants to go with her when they have to remove the stitches next week?


  1. Poor baby! But I couldn't help laughing at her reason for screaming!!! Poor baby

  2. Shame if I was her age I am sure I would scream as well. What an awful thing to happen.

  3. Ooh ouch! Poor baby...good luck with taking the stitches out.


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