Sunday, 28 December 2014

Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden waterfall transformed today

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens waterfall
We visited the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens today. It was overcast, but a lovely day in the Gardens. Each time we are here, I am reminded that we must come here more regularly!

Little Miss getting soaking wet
I was surprised to see that the waterfall rocks had turned to a blue, but later realized it was only me who saw it this way as it was my sunglasses.

Photo taken through sunglasses
We managed to hike up and down the mountain. It is always a treat to see the views, and look onto the eagles' nest.

We were already eating a scone after the excursion when a huge downpour hit the Gardens and surrounding areas. We had to scramble inside the restaurant and wait for the rain to subside.
It was coming down in buckets.

When we were walking down the path way on our way back, we could hear the waterfall crashing down>We had to go and look again at the waterfall after the storm.

It was magnificent!
The water had turned to brown,
but cascading down and hitting us with sprays
I am including these two photo before and after the downpour.

The Student 
Looking blurry because of the water spray
The Student also shared her experience of today: The power of rain and nature (with a video included taken by Hubby)

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  1. I love those gardens, and that waterfall!

  2. What a spectacular place. The only parks in PE are now to dangerous to visit unless you are in a large sad.

    Wishing you an awesome 2015 Karen xx


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