Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Who reads those school newsletters?

I had "done" a survey on my blog, but it was my bad that I did not post or shared it on my social networks for more responses.
 (I had a bit of a fun with SurveyMonkey, to see how it works...)

 And also to see what happens with those newsletters?

 I had five responses, of which one is my own. (Truly a very inclusive kind of result ;-) )


The comments on How many Dads read the newsletters also gravitated towards a certain response, but unfortunately I can't make a definite conclusion from this!

Who reads the school newsletters?

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  1. I half read them - I usually check the school communicator daily to see whats happen on that day or the next day!

  2. OH I do - I ahve 3 kids if I do not note everything on a calender immediately I may miss all


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