Friday, 14 June 2013

The greatest Dad in the whole wide world

This year's Father's Day is coming up again, and we are grateful to have this man in our lives...

I have my own great dad who showed us how it should be done! Thanks, Dad!

That made me search for the same, and I was not disappointed!

Little Missy cried crocodile tears this morning when her dad had left already. He usually drops her off in the mornings.
"He did not give me a kiss! He did not give me a hug!" (Although he did, but she was still sleeping.)
"He must fetch me this afternoon!"

Thanks for:

- Making Little Missy All Bran Flakes just the way she likes it, each morning, and making sure she gets in something before school;

- Taking her to the family toilet when we are out and about, or still wiping her bum at home;

- Reading her a story or more, each time at bedtime;

- Making great dinners, and "helping" her to eat (on her request);

- Playing ball / puzzles / riding on her bicycle etc. with her;

- Wiping the tears;

- Putting on plasters;

- Fixing the broken toys;

- Watching Ice Age 4 for the 50th time with her; 

- Picking her up, and carrying her around, until the sweat is dripping from his face;

- Helping to pay for those extra, extra music and ball classes at school, jus because she asked;

- Combing and making ponytails (and doing a great job at it);

- Helping with bath time, and helping with brushing of the teeth;

- Giving lots of hugs and kisses;

- Taxiing The Student back and forth to University, or dropping off somewhere;

- Sometimes throwing in extra pocket money;

- Always willing to help!

Your daughters know what a great man should be, and they will go searching for that again!

Thank you, each and every day!


  1. What a lovely post :) You and your girls are blessed to have such a wonderful man in your lives!

  2. Beautiful tribute to a great father.


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