Friday, 7 June 2013


The discussions in the car on the way home in the afternoons are priceless.

The day before yesterday:

Little Missy: "I am left-handed now. I am cutting with my left hand."

Me: That is not a good idea. You are right-handed, and it is much better to be right-handed."
(Making a mental note to check with the teacher with the next report feedback. Just in case she has been trying to cut with her left hand...)

Little Missy: "I prayed to Jesus to swap my hands, and I am now left-handed."

Me: "It is very difficult for people who are left-handed, because everything is always for right-handed people..."

Little Missy: "I want to be left-handed."

Me: "ehhh..."

Little Missy: "I will pray for your hands to be swapped as well. Then you will be left-handed as well!"

Me: "Please don't do that! I want to be right-handed!"

Little Missy: "I'll pray for Dad to be left-handed."

Me: "I don't think Dad wants to be left-handed. Rather not!"

Little Missy: "He won't know that I have prayed for his hands to be swapped."

Me: "Rather not..."

Little Missy: "I'll pray for my sister, Grandma, etc..." (going through the whole family tree)



She is non-stop busy asking for us to translate songs to Afrikaans.
I put on an Afrikaans radio station to get a bit of a translation breather, and there was an Afrikaans song about broken hearts.
The guy was singing that he stands in the dark, waiting for his love.

Little Missy: "Why does he stand in the dark?"

Me: "It seems he is a bit stupid. He should rather stay in his house." (Bad answer. Bad parenting moment.)

Little Missy: "You are not allowed to say stupid! You are hurting my little heart!" (The "stupid"rule comes from school, I think!)

Me: "I am sorry! I won't say it again!"

Little Missy: (Crying. For real!) "You must never say stupid!"

Me: "I am terribly sorry!"

Little Missy: "It is very scary in the dark. There are dragons and shadows of dragons. It is very scary!"

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  1. I had to giggle. The faith of little ones they so strongly believe. So pre cious.


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