Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How to stay in the good books of the MIL

One day I am going to be a MIL as well, and thought about the things in life that would make me appreciate my son-in-laws. 
Unfortunately (fortunately?) no daughter-in-laws for me...

MIL good books' list:


- Makes my daughters happy! (Very important!)

- Makes their children happy!

- Do their share with regards parenting and the household at their place!

- Compliments. Any, but specifically about how well I have raised my kids. 
   Also about how good/nutritious/healthy/tasty my food is! (Just a bonus! ;-))

- Love my interactions with, and give plenty of opportunity for me to look after my grandchildren.
- Invites me regularly for a visit, or an outing. Going to a restaurant count as an outing as well.

- Welcomes any invitations for a visit to my place.

- Helps with DIY issues at my place. 

- Keep me in the loop with what is happening in their lives. (On the flip side: I should make sure that I stay interested in their lives!)

I hope that my own health and the head will stay compos mentis for me to enjoy the next phase, which is still a few years (decades with number two) on the horizon. 

What would make you give extra bonus points to the son- and daughter-in-laws?

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with my own MIL, or the MM.

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  1. I love my sons and therefore do what I can to keep a good relationship with my daughters-in-law. I love it if they discuss some of the problems they experience with my sons with me and I try very hard to give good sound advise. After all , I have known my boys all their lives and want what is best for them.


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