Friday, 28 June 2013

Flashback Friday - unearthing the photos that were not stolen

I am still reeling after the robbery the previous week at our house. We thought we were safe, until we found out that we were not!

We are still discovering precious keepsakes that were stolen, and won't be replaced.

But I am still so hit-over-the-head upset with myself for not backing up the photos from my computer. I had everything filed and sorted in the "Library", and was regularly uploading from my camera, phone and iPad. But I did not back it up from there. WHY?

I haven't looked at what is still backed-up on our hard drive, but I am sure it is nothing from this year.
It is times like these I am grateful for Facebook and my blog for some of the photos that I have uploaded. But I had tons more...

I saw a post by Laura of Harassed Mom today of Flashback Friday, and decided it was a good time to see what is still left on my work computer. Although I haven't uploaded private photos here in quite a while...

I found this photo of 10 years back. The Pre-Teen was 10 years at that stage.

She turns 20 in a week's time! 
One of the photos that would have been lost,
taken in 2013

A few photos from Debbie's camera in December 2009.

Just a few days after the little one was born.

We were dead tired at that stage,
but looking at the photo it does not reflect it at all!

A kiss from my big sister.
 She must be over 6 months old, but I do not see a date on the photo.

Playing with an old doll at Grandma's house
And the most dated "photos" of our Little One.
The little one at 30 weeks
(all my scans are here)

I am of the opinion that you can't have too many photos of your little ones!

I hope you are backing up your photos and videos now?


  1. So very cute!!!! It is fun looking back!

  2. I hope you manage to recover at least some of your photos. It is wonderful to look back and realise how quickly time goes.

  3. That is one of my fears, losing all my photos. It is backed up in three different places lol

  4. Yep, i will be backing up!! Thank you for the reminder:-)


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