Friday, 5 April 2013

Not colour blind!

The first eye test went very well. I had made the appointment because I suspected our 4-year old is colour blind.


Little Missy told me she was afraid, and I had to promise I would hold her hand.

She was a star! The optometrist spoke only in English to her, and she even tried to give the answers back in English as well. She enjoyed all the machines, and different glasses, and could perfectly identify all the objects on the screen.


The optometrist gave her only 4 colour patterns to identify.

She had to coax her to identify a house in one of the colour patterns. (Which makes me feel a little bit uneasy...)

But, according to the optometrist: She is not colour blind, and we should not worry about it anymore. She says that she would not have been able to see any pattern in the 4 colour charts had she been colour blind.

She also carried on for quite a bit about girls and that it is very rare that they test positive for colour blind...

I will keep an eye (pun intended!) on the situation, but for now we will trust the judgement of the optometrist!


I am relieved!



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