Monday, 8 April 2013

Sleeping Beauty is a hit!

Disney's Sleeping Beauty is still on at the People's Theatre at the Joburg Theatre Complex in Braamfontein.

We went to see it the previous weekend.

It is still on until the 21 of April.

It is worth it to sign in to the Kid's Club. The birthday girl or boy get a free show each year, and they get invited on to the stage. The people accompanying the member also gets to pay less each time! (Always a win!)

It really is a hit with the children.
The older children, age 10 to 80, enjoyed it just as much! (Hubby and The Student included!)

There are a regular update of photos on the People's Theatre Facebook page if you want to see some photos of the show. The costumes and characters are a real treat!

Our Little Missy laughed and got frightened (Maleficent IS scary!) and hid underneath her dad's arm and laughed again.

By the break all the children had a light stick/sword (an extra R30), but it all contributed to the fun!

We will be back for the next Aristocats coming up.

(This is not a sponsored post.)


  1. This is something we don't have in PE and probably never will. Enjoy!

  2. Their shows are fantastic!


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